Chlorite Quartz Point


Chlorite Quartz activates the Heart Chakra and is sometimes known as the 'Quartz of Compassion'. It is powerful for self-healing and regeneration and works at a soul level.

This crystal is helpful to aid spiritual development. It can help you develop your psychic senses and help you communicate with the Spirit world and your Spirit guides.

Chlorite Quartz also has strong energy to help aid your connection to nature and Mother Earth. Chlorite Quartz helps to cleanse the aura and chakras. It can help you release fear, anxiety and other emotions so they do not become trapped in your energy system.

Chlorite Quartz is said to have a strong connection to ancient cultures of Atlantis or Lemuria, so it can be useful for past-life recall. This stone is recommended for use in meditation. 

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  • Height: 4.5cm
  • Weight: 40 grams

*The information we provide about the metaphysical properties of our crystals is purely for reference only. Our information was formed via a combination of research on how the gemstones have been used by different cultures throughout history and our own personal beliefs. In no way do we recommend using crystals as a substitute for conventional medicine or psychological treatment and we do not claim that they cure or heal medical conditions. We recommend seeing your health care provider for any concerns regarding mental and physical health.