Labradorite Heart


Labradorite is a Feldspar mineral, often named The Stone of Transformation and the Stone of Courage. 

The healing properties of labradorite are all about tapping into your creativity and connecting with the higher consciousness. It’s a stone that shows the way when in tricky situations and can also help to enhance mental clarity. 


  • Gives strength and perseverance through change
  • Subsides fears and insecurities
  • Strengthens self-assurance and trust that everything will fall into place
  • Provides clarity and insight into your destiny
  • Attracts success
  • Calms an overactive mind
  • Promotes self-awareness

It is a fantastic stone when something big is changing in your life.t will help you become the person that you are destined to be by removing bad habits, thoughts, and feelings that are preventing you from reaching your full potential. It is also a great mood booster for when you are feeling down. 

Weight: 133 grams

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*The information we provide about the metaphysical properties of our crystals is purely for reference only. Our information was formed via a combination of research on how the gemstones have been used by different cultures throughout history and our own personal beliefs. In no way do we recommend using crystals as a substitute for conventional medicine or psychological treatment and we do not claim that they cure or heal medical conditions. We recommend seeing your health care provider for any concerns regarding mental and physical health.