Silver Larimar Ring


Have you been feeling stuck and frustrated? Have you found yourself working way too hard for not enough return? Has life gotten to be a little too much for your liking?

Lay your worries down with Elysian Crystal Co's handcrafted Larimar ring. Made from the highest quality Larimar stone from Brazil, this ring is as refined as it is calming. It helps keep deep-seated pain, resentment, and fear out of your life by releasing the toxic energy that traps us at times.

Strong yet flexible, this stylish brass accessory offers comfort no matter the size of your finger. And with a sterling silver plating, it makes a quality jewellery investment piece never before seen within this price range. Wear it on any finger to feel peace wash over you gracefully while radiating healing and loving energy around you.

The stone used has been hand cut so the crystal aligns to be flush against the band for maximum comfort and security.

Able to be worn for every occasion, this is the perfect crystal ring for simply being yourself—both in public spaces or in private moments of meditation with Mother Nature.