Crystal Shapes and Meanings: What Does Each Crystal Shape Mean?

Crystal Shapes and Meanings: What Does Each Crystal Shape Mean?

If you've ever wondered what different crystal shapes mean, then you're in the right place. Crystal shapes change the way that your crystal exerts energy. For example, a crystal carved into a sphere radiates energy evenly & from all sides, but a point directs energy upwards and outwards. The most popular crystal shapes and their meanings will be discussed in this article.

Most Popular Crystal Shapes

Crystals are loved for their unique metaphysical properties and appearance. Between raw and polished, polished seems to be the fan favourite. Crystals can be cut, carved and polished into a variety of different shapes. The most popular shapes include:

  • points
  • spheres
  • towers (generators)
  • eggs
  • pyramids
  • hearts

Each crystal shape channels energy differently and they can be used for different purposes. Here's a quick guide to the most popular crystal shapes and what they mean:

1.Generators and Obelisks 

what does a crystal generator do

The energy of a tower is directed upward and out. Generators emit very focused and directional energy that affects the area around them. They can also impact any other crystals that are nearby.

Obelisks direct energy similarly to generators, but their shape is a little different as they tend to only have 4 sides. Both of these shapes are used for amplifying the energy of the room they are placed in.

Working with a Crystal Generator

  • Place your generator in your bedroom in alignment with Feng Shui
  • Put one in each corner of your room to create a vortex of energy. 
  • Generators can be used to channel energy and information as they help to pick up and channel energy from the planes above ours. 
  • Intuitively hold a tower over a stagnant energy centre in the body. This will allow the chakra to open up and the energy to flow freely again.

2. Spheres 

crystal sphere

One of the most popular crystal shapes is a sphere. Spheres radiate their energy from their entire surface. This emits outwards, filling entire rooms with energy.  This energy expands through an entire room evenly. 

The energy in spheres is incredibly balanced and often, regardless of the crystal, will encourage a feeling of wholeness and stability. 

Working with a Crystal Sphere

  • Program your sphere with a set intention and place it on a table or in the centre of a room to feel it radiate its energy throughout the whole room.
  • In ancient times, it's recorded that spheres were used for scrying and to this day many healers still use them for this.  Allow yourself to enter a meditative state and gaze into the sphere to receive downloads and information
  • Spheres can also be used as massage tools. You can roll spheres over dry skin or clothes wherever you feel tension or stagnant energy built up in the body. 
  • Use a cleansing sphere like Clear Quartz, Carnelian, or Selenite to cleanse other crystals or different areas in your home. 

3. Crystal Eggs 

egg shaped crystals

This is one of my favourite crystal shapes! The egg-shaped crystal is very similar to a sphere in that it emits energy from every side. However, its energy is more focused at the tapered end.

Eggs represent divine feminine energy, fertility and new beginnings/ transformation.

Working with an Egg Shaped Crystal

A lot of women use egg-shaped crystals for pelvic floor strengthening, these eggs are called yoni eggs. We advise you to be careful and do your research on what eggs are actually safe for you to use. There are a lot out on the market that we don't recommend due to safety risks (ie. metal in the chemical makeup of the crystal).

Eggs are wonderful muses for setting intentions of being productive, breaking old habits, transformations, new beginnings and manifesting.

4. Crystal Pyramids

pyramid shaped crystal

Pyramids have a strong and sturdy base that is incredibly grounding and stable. And, the point allows energy to flow in and out.

Because pyramids are so grounding they help open the root chakra. The tapered point allows for channelling energy and connects to the root chakra. This is a great tool for developing psychic abilities and tuning into higher dimensional fields while still feeling grounded. Pyramids are the perfect tool for astral travelling for this exact reason. 

They help us to connect energy from the crown chakra to the root chakra, allowing us to feel in tune with higher dimensional thinking/our higher selves while still staying grounded on Earth.  

Working with a Crystal Pyramid

  • Place a pyramid on your altar or in the centre of your room to help you feel more connected to the spiritual realm.
  • Sleep with a crystal pyramid on your bedside to encourage astral travel.
  • Meditate with a pyramid on your third eye to stimulate psychic ability.

Charging Crystals with a Pyramid Shaped Crystal

The pyramid is an excellent way to charge other crystals as it allows energy to flow in and out. Place other crystals under the base of the pyramid and leave them overnight to allow the pyramid to push out negative energy. This is more effective if the crystal is cleansing in nature - such as selenite.

5. Crystal Wands, DTs and Vougles 

double terminated shaped crystals

Wands come in all different shapes and sizes including double terminated points and vougles too. The one thing that they all have in common is that their energy is focused on flowing in one side and out the other.  These shapes are perfect for allowing energy to flow up and down and in and out.

They can be used to find and release negative and pent up energy and exchange it with positive energy. Crystal wands in particular are used for opening up blocked energy fields or chakras and to invite in healing energy.

Working with a Crystal Wand

  • Hold your double terminated point in between energy centres on your body to encourage energy to flow between centres.
  • Use your wand to sweep away negative energy from a person, place or thing.
  • Wave your wand over your crystals to cleanse and re-energize them.
  • Cast a circle of protection with your wand before any spiritual work.

6. Clusters 

crystal cluster

Clusters are unique stones that come in all different shapes and sizes and no two will ever be exactly the same. Clusters give off very positive and uplifting energy as well as being extremely grounding because of the matrix.  Their energy is directed out of all of the many points, dispersing energy further away.

Clusters are high vibrational and are perfect for larger areas of the home. 

Working with Crystal Clusters

  • Place clusters in the corners of your home to ground and protect the space.
  • Put a cluster in each room to encourage positive energy flow.
  • Use clusters to absorb negative energy from the environment.

7. Raw Stones

raw crystals

Raw stones are stones that are pulled from the ground and not tampered with in any way. Their energy is the purest and grounding of all energies as it has had less tampering and thus been exposed to fewer energies. A lot of the time, raw stones (like clusters or natural points) are polished before they are sold. They still retain their natural shape yet are polished to appear more beautiful.

Working with Raw Stones

  • We love putting our raw chunks in our indoor plant pots as plants love being surrounded by this grounding energy.
  • Keep a raw stone in your pocket to help you stay grounded throughout the day.
  • Put a raw chunk on your altar to amplify the spiritual work that you are doing.
  • Put a few pieces of raw quartz around your bed to promote deep, peaceful sleep.

8. Heart-Shaped Crystals

heart shaped crystals

Heart-shaped crystals come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. They emit very loving and compassionate energy that is perfect for the home, office or any other space.

Their energy encourages unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and hope. They are also wonderful for meditation and working with the heart chakra.

Working with a Heart Shaped Crystal

  • Hold a heart-shaped crystal in your hand to receive compassionate energy.
  • Put a heart-shaped crystal in your bedroom to encourage feelings of love and security.
  • Meditate with a heart-shaped crystal to open and activate your heart chakra.

9. Tumbled Stones

tumbled stones

Tumbled stones are stones that have been rounded off by being tumbled in a machine. This process takes away any sharp edges and leaves a smooth, polished surface.

Working with Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones are perfect for carrying around with you as they offer continuous energy throughout the day. They are also great for placing on your Chakras or under your pillow to promote restful sleep.

10. Cubes

cubed shaped crystals

Cubes are perfect for grounding and stabilising energy. They can be used to help focus and concentrate on the tasks at hand. Cubes also create a safe and stable environment for meditation.

They are often used in healing as they offer protection and support. Place them around the person who is receiving treatment to help ground and stabilise their energy.

11. Freeforms

free form shaped crystals

Freeform shaped crystals are created to accentuate the beauty of the stone. They are not shaped in a particular way, but rather are tailored to the stone being cut. They usually feature rounded edges and a flat base so that they stand.

Freeforms are wonderful for filling up a space as they do not have specific energy like some of the other shapes do. They simply offer beauty and harmony and the rounded edges radiate energy evenly.

12. Spirals

Spirals are perfect for energising and uplifting a space. Their energy is very positive and can help to increase creativity and productivity. They are often used in healing to help release negative energy and emotions.

Spirals can also be used for meditation and to connect with the spiritual world. Place a spiral on your altar or sacred space to increase the connection.

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