General FAQs

I’m new to the world of crystals, where do I start? 

There are so many different crystals to choose from, but the decision shouldn’t be hard. When browsing through crystals you may find you are drawn to one over another. Trust your intuition. 

Often this attraction means that the crystal energy is calling out to you. We suggest that you start with the crystals that you feel this innate attraction to. 

If you need a stone for eg. love, stress, grief or prosperity and you’re not sure - we can guide you in the right direction. Just ask.

How do you cleanse your crystals?

We use a number of different cleansing techniques including water, breath work, sage, incense, and palo santo. This technique is decided based on what we feel the crystal needs. We also take into account other considerations such as water safety.  

All crystals are cleansed before we ship them off to you. This helps to remove any energy blockages or impurities absorbed by the crystals.

Where do you source your crystals?

We have relationships with a number of wholesalers both locally and internationally. We don’t purchase from a single location, but where we find beautiful crystals that we feel connected to.

How do I contact Elysian Crystal Co?

You can join our community on Instagram or Facebook and DM us at any time. If you have a concern with your order please email info@elysiancrystal.co or visit the contact us page. 


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and AfterPay.

Shipping + Returns

Please click the following link for current information regarding our Shipping and Returns.