Hi, I'm Amanda!

I'm the sole owner & operator of Elysian Crystal Co.

I'm a healing practitioner, I work with both men and women to heal their inner child and subconscious blocks so they can align with the life they want to create.

My work focuses Expanding Consciousness and Personal Evolution - this is done through deepening relationship with self.

You can find me on Instagram here >> @amandaanne.healing

Elysian Crystals - Purpose

Elysian was created to give men and women a means to tap into their spiritual side.

Crystals have played a huge role in my awakening journey and I love the unique energy each stone brings. Through my healing work, I've learned to 'program' or 'code' crystals so they can bring the best possible experience to their owner. 

My goal is simple - I desire to bring you high quality, high energy crystals, sourced from responsible miners, in eco-friendly packaging. 



I value beautiful things, especially those created by Mother Earth. I'm always on the look out for high quality and unique crystals and aim to deliver you only the best. 


I truly value your experience with myself and Elysian, so I aim to respond to all enquiries as soon as possible. If you would ever like an intuitive pick on crystals I am more than happy to make recommendations based on your needs. 

I am also able to custom source so if there is something unique you're after - just ask! I love hearing from you so I do hope that you'll feel comfortable messaging if you ever feel called.

Eco Friendly Practices

I'm a strong believes that life should be enjoyed but not at the expense of the Earth. All crystals are packaged plastic-free and I use recycled materials and Kraft paper where possible.

Quality & Energy

I only source crystals that are high quality and only sell the crystals that I feel are energetically pure and aligned with their metaphysical purposes.

All crystals are cleansed (and coded) on their way in, and way out, of my home business. This ensures they’re cleared of any negativity they may have picked up through transit. 


I aim to be as informed as possible about the conditions that our crystal miners work in and limit purchases from suppliers with poor ethics. 

Natural Stones

All stocked crystals are natural & I don't sell man made stones. If anything is Heat treated or altered by man I will let you in the product description.

Being natural, some stones come with inclusions or imperfections. I believe this adds a little interest and story to the crystals origin. 

Why Crystals?

I believe crystals are helpful tools to support and guide us on our personal journeys.

They help us to grow and expand as we gain awareness of all parts of ourselves - including our emotions and metaphysical needs.

By placing natural crystals in the home, I hope that everyone can create and enjoy their very own special and sacred place.

Customer Support

I aim to give you the best possible experience when you shop with Elysian Crystals. If you have any questions, concerns or just want to see more photos/videos of a product - please send a message!


Please click the following link for current information regarding our Shipping and Returns.


Thank you for being here! 

With gratitude 🙏

- Amanda