About Us

Elysian Crystal Co is owned and operated by three friends with a common love for crystals and natural healing.

Why Elysian?

Crystals give us a sense of being present and being one with nature. By placing natural crystal products in the home, we hope that everyone can create and enjoy their very own special and sacred place.

The benefits of spending time in nature are many - less anxiety, better mood and more self-esteem. We hope that our selection of natural crystals can help you feel at peace in your downtime, and hope that it makes your home feel like a sanctuary. 

How We Choose our Crystals

Our preference for choosing organic crystals are interesting patterns, small details and unique characteristics. We believe that a beautiful crystal can be gazed upon for hours, allowing you to notice and fall in love with new details each time. 

All of our crystals are natural, we don't sell man made stones. Being natural, some stones come with inclusions or imperfections. We don't look at these negatively, instead we think that they add a little more mystery to the crystal's origin and story.

We can offer custom sourcing if requested, but please be open minded, two crystals are never quite the same. We won't be able to return crystals that have been custom sourced.


All of our crystals are cleansed on their way in, and way out, of our small business. This helps us ensure they’re filled with positive energy and not holding onto any negativity they might have picked up through transit. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We're strong believers that life should be enjoyed but not at the expense of the Earth.

Absolutely no plastic is used in our packaging. Instead, we've partnered with Heaps Good Packaging to ensure your products are delivered safely and won't harm our eco system. 

All crystals are wrapped with Protective Hex Wrap and acid-free tissue paper. Our cardboard boxes are secured with biodegradable tape and tucked away in a waterproof compostable mailer. 

We also include a little card describing your particular stone so that you know exactly what it is. 

Customer Support

All three of us work around the clock to deliver you the best possible experience when you shop with us. If you have any questions, concerns or just want to see more photos/videos of a product - please message us.

We aim to be as responsive as we can on Email, Facebook and Instagram so don't be shy. We'll get back to you as quick as possible and no question is a silly one!

Domestic Shipping

At this time we've decided to sell only within Australia. We do charge a flat rate of $10 for shipping, and can offer shipping for free for all purchases over $100. 

Begin Your Journey With Us

We invite you to join the crystal coven. Follow, chat and engage with us on online. Our goal is simply to create an open-minded community where self-love comes first.