About Us

Elysian Crystal Co is owned and operated by two spiritually aware women and friends, Jadene and Amanda. 

Our Purpose

We built Elysian to help women tap into their spiritual essence using crystals and other self-care tools.

Our goal is to create a community of like-minded women who are energetically aware and committed to their personal growth. We aim to provide resources, support, and connection for women who want to live their best lives.

We envision a world where women are connected to their intuition and authentic selves. A world where we support and lift each other up. A world that is kind, compassionate, and full of love.

Our Values

Uplifting Others

We uplift others and provide a safe space to encourage them to be themselves. Positivity is encouraged and we want to inspire others to radiate positivity too. 


We encourage others to explore different spiritual tools to find something they enjoy and that enhances their lifestyle.


We connect others to the crystal energy they need to encourage a more aligned and positive outlook.

Please connect with us if you ever need anything. We want you to feel comfortable messaging us and know we will do our best to support your needs.

Eco Friendly Practices

We're strong believers that life should be enjoyed but not at the expense of the Earth. We package our crystals plastic-free and use recycled materials and Kraft paper where possible.

Quality & Energy

We only source crystals that we feel are high quality and only sell the crystals that we feel are energetically beautiful and aligned with their metaphysical purposes.

All of our crystals are cleansed on their way in, and way out, of our small business. This helps us ensure they’re cleared of any negativity they might have picked up through transit. 


We aim to be as informed as possible about the conditions that our crystal miners work in and limit purchases from suppliers with poor ethics. 

Why Crystals?

We believe that we are all interconnected and each of us can create a positive impact on the world by leaning into our spiritual essence.

Crystals bring awareness to our emotions and metaphysical needs. We believe that they provide us with support and guidance on our personal journeys. They help us to grow and expand as we gain awareness of all parts of ourselves. 

Furthermore, crystals give us a sense of being present and being one with nature. By placing natural crystal products in the home, we hope that everyone can create and enjoy their very own special and sacred place.

How We Choose our Crystals

Our preference for choosing organic crystals are interesting patterns, small details and unique characteristics. We believe that a beautiful crystal can be gazed upon for hours, allowing you to notice and fall in love with new details each time. 

All of our crystals are natural & we don't sell man made stones. Being natural, some stones come with inclusions or imperfections. We don't look at these negatively, instead we think that they add a little more mystery to the crystal's origin and story.

Customer Support

We hope to give you the best possible experience when you shop with us. If you have any questions, concerns or just want to see more photos/videos of a product - please message us.

We also offer personalised crystal matching. If you need help finding a crystal, message us describing your situation and we'll be happy to help!


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