The Best Crystals for Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Crystals for Your Zodiac Sign

Crystals not only correspond with Chakras but also Zodiac signs. Each Zodiac sign has traits that make them unique and full of character. But, often there are negative traits associated with star signs too. Crystals can help you work through these areas. They can also bring about balance in your life, as well as in the lives of those around you. Read on to learn more about the recommended crystals for your Zodiac sign.

What is a Zodiac Sign?

what is a zodiac sign


Your sun sign can tell you about your personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. It can also tell you things about your life that may be coming up this year. The position of the Sun at the time of your birth determines your Zodiac Sign. This is your astrological sign or sun sign.

Crystals are good for Zodiac signs because they each have a unique energy frequency. By vibrating at that frequency, they can help bring about change. A crystal can bring about the change of your sun sign traits as well as enhance them in different ways. Crystals for astrology are a great way to get started with crystals if you’re not sure where to start.

Crystals for Each Zodiac Sign

Below, we've listed the best crystals for each zodiac sign. Along with a detailed description of the crystal's properties.

Crystals for Aquarius: Clear Quartz & Moss Agate

best crystals for aquarius zodiac


Aquarius signs are known for their strong personalities and individualism. Aquarius signs are cool-headed and in control! They will do anything to stay this way, even if that means asking for help from crystals...

Clear Quartz for Aquarius

Clear Quartz is one crystal that Aquarians like. This is because it can release emotional stress as well as relax an overactive mind. Clear Quartz allows for a positive flow of energy. This can help to boost mental clarity and reduce distractions.



Moss Agate for Aquarius

Moss Agate is an excellent crystal that induces sleep to aid in releasing any anxiety or worry! Moss agate is good for Aquarius signs because it can help with sleep. This is important for Aquarius, who is always on the go.

This is also a good crystal for Aquarius signs as it helps to combat anger and frustration.

The calming properties that both of these zodiac crystals help Aquarius remain cool-headed... No matter what's going on in your life!

Crystals for Aries: Smokey Quartz & Ruby

best crystals for aries zodiac


Aries are known for their fiery, ambitious and optimistic personalities. Yet at times, this can make them a bit self-centred. Using ruby or smokey quartz can help temper this fiery personality with a touch of warmth. This aids Aries signs to let go of the anger that usually builds up in their life.

Smokey Quartz for Aries

Smokey quartz is great for physical manifestation. It can balance out the energy of Aries and helps them reach their goals faster. Smokey quartz is like having an emotional fire extinguisher on hand. It can aid emotional calmness and relieve stress and anxiety.

Ruby for Aries

Ruby helps Aries recognise and express their feelings in tough situations. They're associated with love/relationships, by promoting positivity within relationships. Aries signs that wish to attract new love into their lives should try ruby stones as they’re likely to benefit. As well as this, ruby promotes joy, spontaneity, laughter and courage.

Crystals for Taurus: Rhodochrosite & Smoky Quartz

best crystals for taurus zodiac


Taurus signs are known for being super practical and responsible with their finances. As well as this, they have a special ability to concentrate on tasks without distraction. Taurus Zodiacs tend to be dependent in relationships, jealous, and concerned with wealth.

Taurus signs enjoy rhodochrosite and smokey quartz as they help them commit to any task or goal. These stones encourage their spirit to not get overwhelmed by other things going on in their life.

Rhodochrosite for Taurus Zodiac

Rhodochrosite helps motivate Taurus when they lack enthusiasm about something important to them.  This crystal is also good for manifesting wealth, abundance and prosperity. All things that Taurus need to feel confident in life.

Smokey Quartz for Taurus

For Taurus who have a hard time achieving their goals, smoky quartz helps with intentions. By setting goals, Smokey quartz can help with the physical manifestation of projects. This combo of crystals for this zodiac is great for the Taurus who wants to bring more money into their life.

Crystals for Gemini: Agate & Amethyst

best crystals for gemini zodiac

Gemini Zodiac signs are adaptable, outgoing, and intelligent. Yet, they often find themselves struggling with staying focused on one thing. These crystals give Gemini the motivation to finish one project before moving on.

Agate for Gemini

Whatever the task, agate helps to keep Geminis focused without feeling overwhelmed. Agate is helpful in keeping your mind still and focused. It also enhances creativity helping Gemini overcome creative blocks or finding inspiration.

Amethyst for Gemini

Amethyst is great for Gemini signs because it can help to ease anxiety. The mind of a Gemini runs a mile a minute so it is very helpful to have a stone to help calm the mind. Amethyst is a calming stone and can help you to feel more balanced.

It also doesn't hurt that this particular combo gives off a vibe that screams, "I'm successful." These zodiac crystals can give Gemini more confidence and help them manifest dreams.

Crystals for Cancer: Moonstone & Aventurine

crystals for cancer zodiac sign


The Cancer zodiac is known for being emotional, nurturing, and intuitive. As well as this, Cancerians may feel sensitive and at times insecure. Moonstone and aventurine are stones of self-awareness that can help boost inner strength. Both of these crystals do well with repairing psychological wounds too. This makes them perfect when it comes to the emotions within Cancers.

Moonstone for Cancer Zodiac

Moonstone is a stone of intuition, creativity, imagination, memory, sensitivity and psychic skills. It helps bring out suppressed emotions, especially in the case of past life trauma.

Aventurine for Cancer Zodiac

Aventurine is known as a sacred stone for prosperity and abundance. It can help attract creative projects and is great for those who need more inspiration. Sometimes Cancers get stuck being too emotional in sentimental ways. They tend to hold back from moving on when they want something else. This stone can balance out all that energy and keep them going when their emotions are holding them down!

Crystals for Leo: Tigers Eye & Carnelian

best crystals for leo zodiac

Leo zodiac signs are kings and queens of the jungle, so a crystal must do well to represent this. They have the ability to face difficult situations with total bravery. Yet, their opinions can slow down their success. Tigers eye and carnelian are great for Leos because they help them make the push towards their goals.

Tigers Eye for Leo Zodiac

Tigers Eye is a stone that can help you feel more confident throughout the day. Especially when it comes to your work or anything else important within your life. Tiger eye helps to attract abundance from higher vibrations into your own life!

Carnelian for Leo Zodiac

Carnelian is also a stone that comes in the fiery Leo theme. It's a stone connected to vitality, creativity and confidence. As well as this, it aids physical energy and courage through life's challenges. It's a stone that can help you to make strong decisions and be persistent in your pursuits.

Crystals for Virgo: Agate & Tigers Eye

natural made crystals to compliment your zodiac sign


Virgos are known for being practical, sensible, and loyal. Yet, being perfectionists, they also carry a strong sense of worry. Virgo Zodiacs will appreciate the healing powers of these stones that can help them.

Agate for Virgo

Agate is great for Virgo star signs because this crystal can help them balance their spiritual energy. It can also help calm their nerves, ease the mind, and help with concentration.

Tigers Eye for Virgo

Tiger eye is another stone that comes recommended for Leos as well due to its supportive energy. Many Virgos find this helpful when making decisions or tackling tough problems. Tiger eye also helps with self-esteem, which can help those who are perfectionists.

If you're a Virgo star sign then these two types of crystals might be perfect for you.

Crystals for Libra: Fluorite & Labradorite

crystals based on birth chart


Libra signs are known for their sense of harmony and balance in every aspect of life. They are fair, idealistic and clever. Yet they tend to shy away from conflict, hold grudges and be super indecisive.

The following crystals can help Libra signs achieve peace as well as bring good luck! It will also help them see clearer to aid them with making decisions or going forward with plans.

Fluorite for Libra

Fluorite is great for Libra because it can help them to maintain and make better quicker choices. It is a good stone to have if you're feeling indecisive or out of whack!

Labradorite for Libra

Labradorite helps Libra's deals with their intense emotions. It's known to allow greater communication on mental levels and physical ones. This is ideal for anyone who gets frustrated by other people's actions and words!

Libra Zodiac should be using fluorite and labradorite to stay grounded year-round.

Crystals for Scorpio: Smoky Quartz & Black Tourmaline

zodiac gemstones and their meanings


Scorpios should understand that they tend to hold onto things that are out of their control. Smoky quartz and black tourmaline help them to release the past so they can move forward towards a more positive future! Scorpios aren't afraid of getting their hands dirty when they need to. These two stones work well with this mindset!

Smokey Quartz for Scorpio

Smokey Quartz is great for Scorpio signs because it helps them to use the power of their mind as well as their heart.  Smoky Quartz helps Scorpios to stop bottling up their emotions so that they can move forward.

Black Tourmaline for Scorpio

Black tourmaline is a true representation of Scorpio traits. It is strong and powerful, like Scorpios. It helps them overcome negative toughs and darkness. Black tourmaline also offers physical and spiritual protection when travelling!

Crystals for Sagittarius: Amethyst & Lapis Lazuli

the most powerful crystals for your zodiac sign

Sagittarians are optimistic, lovers of freedom, fair-minded and honest. Yet, they tend to lack focus and get bored which can make them inconsistent. Amethyst and Lapis are perfect for enhancing creativity and calming their recklessness.

Amethyst for Sagittarius

Amethyst is great for Sagittarius as it helps them to balance their high energy. It also helps them to be less boastful and more grounded.  Amethyst also works well for amplifying Sagittarius ' intuitions and psychic abilities.  It fosters an atmosphere of quiet reflection that can lead to great insights.

Lapis Lazuli for Sagittarius

Lapis Lazuli works for Sagittarius as it helps them gather their thoughts and speak their truth with wisdom. Lapis Lazuli also encourages self-expression and inspires creativity. This can be helpful for any Sagi who does creative work such as art, writing or music.

Crystals for Pisces: Agate & Jasper

crystals associated with each zodiac sign

Pisces are known for their patient acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness. Yet Pisces can be sensitive to erratic people or loud places, making them fearful. They become fearful because they don't understand why other people don't follow their own rules.

Agate for Pisces

Agate has an understanding quality about it. As though the stone itself encourages the conscious understanding of your life experiences. It helps them to reflect and understand why situations manifest.

Jasper for Pisces

Jasper is the stone of empathy. This gives Pisces perspective to overwhelming scenarios. Jasper is also considered a stone of good luck. This can be important if you've been born under this sign as you might feel like bad luck haunts you. 

Agate and jasper also work together to calm nerves and emotions. This allows Pisces to sense the other people's motives and act according to their own rules.

Crystals for Capricorn: Bloodstone and Emerald

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Capricorn is a self-made sign who has to work hard to get where they want. Capricorns are known for authority so they need crystals that can match this quality. Such as Bloodstone and Emerald.  

Bloodstone for Capricorn

Bloodstone is a good stone for Capricorns because it allows them to be more active with others. It prevents them from slipping into an isolated role as a leader. Bloodstone is comforting to Capricorns who only feel comfortable around people they know well.

Emerald for Capricorn

Emerald can give them discernment by allowing them to determine who is worthy of dealing with, or not. Emeralds can also improve self-manageability by improving concentration and clearing away mental blocks. This clarity brings opportunities for better financial success and can also enhance creativity.

Crystals for Astrology: Shop Elysian Crystal Co

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Zodiac personality traits suggest which crystals are likely to benefit each Sun sign. Whether you’re a dreamer, driven by wanderlust or love a challenge, there’s a crystal that can benefit you. Shop healing crystals online at Elysian Crystal Co, or join our mailing list to learn more.


*The information we provide about the metaphysical properties of our crystals is purely for reference only. Our information was formed via a combination of research on how the gemstones have been used by different cultures throughout history and our own personal beliefs. In no way do we recommend using crystals as a substitute for conventional medicine or psychological treatment and we do not claim that they cure or heal medical conditions. We recommend seeing your health care provider for any concerns regarding mental and physical health.