Green Fluorite Generator


Affirmation “I am determined to find my purpose in life”
Green fluorite works with and activates the Heart Chakra.

Green fluorite allows information to rise from the subconscious and enables the release of emotional trauma and outworn conditioning. It‘s particularly helpful if you’re looking to let go of addictions or other harmful habits.

It's a great stone for embodying focus and order during chaos and can help calm the mind to encourage clear focus. 

Green fluorite encourages you to serve your purpose and helps make sure that your thoughts, words and actions are aligned with your true purpose.

*The item pictured is the exact one you will receive

Style 1 - Weight: 102 grams, Height: 8cm

Style 2 - Weight: 120 grams, Height: 8cm

Style 3 - Weight: 106 grams, Height: 9cm

Style 4 - Weight: 156 grams, Height: 10cm

Style 5 - Weight: 87 grams, Height: 10cm

Style 6 - Weight: 56 grams, Height: 6.5cm

Style 7 - Weight: 109 grams. Height: 9cm


*The information we provide about the metaphysical properties of our crystals is purely for reference only. Our information was formed via a combination of research on how the gemstones have been used by different cultures throughout history and our own personal beliefs. In no way do we recommend using crystals as a substitute for conventional medicine or psychological treatment and we do not claim that they cure or heal medical conditions. We recommend seeing your health care provider for any concerns regarding mental and physical health